The Use of Colors in Homewares and the Currently Trending Colors

September 09, 2018

The Use of Colors in Homewares and the Currently Trending Colors

Trends change and interiors evolve but there is nothing as exciting as the choice and quality of interior homewares.  If you have been keen to follow house magazines as well as well as other platforms like Pinterest and Instagram, you should have noticed new themes and trends coming up.  There is plenty much that you can experiment with to bring a new look to your home this year. Here are some of the trending colors in homeware in 2018.


The vibrant color turquoise makes a bold statement. Blue is almost everyone’s best color and is perhaps the most adaptable of colors. Turquoise can be in shades of lagoon blue-green or misty grey and anything else between. But with all this, one thing still remains, it is a stunning color.  The fact that turquoise is both a statement and an accent, it remains to be a favorite among many designers.

Golden Ochre

This year, turn your living space into goldenrod shades to bring out a cheerful and comfy feel.  The golden ochre shines best when blended with a generous amount if natural woods, cream and white. To add a graphic look, you can add whimsical accents and minimal pops of blue. You can have more pillows in your kid’s bedrooms to create a happy space


Penelope is a pastel pink shade that has been labelled as the color of the year 2018 by Graham & Brown.  This shade was inspired by Penelope, the Greek Goddess. She was celebrated for her patience, faithfulness and feminine virtue.

Having an attractive tone that is dainty and uncomplicated and is ideal for the living space. The color brings a perfect spring atmosphere into your home, as seen in natures sunsets, whilst bringing a level of sophistication, that is founded in its mythology.

 Pink is gradually losing its gendered implications. Pink evokes many feelings that everybody can relate to, from lust to joy, making it a perfect mood-enhancing color. Predictions by Pantone claim that 2018 is the year that millennial pink will shift to a stronger and more composite version.


Violet was named the 2018 color of the Year by Pantone. Violet is a rich shade of purple that adds energy and depth to any room. Suggesting mystery and intrigue, it is a perfect hue that you can experiment with on your home accessories.