The Moorish Trends in Homewares

August 20, 2018

The Moorish Trends in Homewares

The popularity of Moroccan-Inspired homewares is ever increasing. Whether you’ve been to Morocco or not, you’ll with no doubt fall in love with what this beautiful country has to offer. Its intoxicating atmosphere represents an exotic getaway, a place to be where you can experience the bohemian lifestyle. It has influenced all sectors including kitchen designs, bathrooms, home décor, and fabrics.

Interior design

The Moroccan décor offers you with an exotic yet luxurious feel to your home.  It features rich colours, elaborate shapes and patterns blended with natural textures and fabrics. This gives the interior design and appeal that is long-lasting and interesting.  When choosing to make it the dominant theme or borrowing influence from Morocco, your home will have a new look; one that is sophisticated and comfortable with an exotic touch.

Moroccan-Inspired Bathrooms

Typically, Moroccan bathrooms invoke a feeling of relaxation and luxury.  The most common trend in the Moroccan bathrooms is the colorful tiles, both for larger tiles, and mosaics.  The tiles can be placed on the floor, walls, and counters or on vanities, adding an extra flare.  Rich deep colours of reds, blues, greens, and mustards all define the Moroccan feel.

Yet, to bring these exotic feelings back home with us, the simplest, and by far the quickest way (since not all of us can re-tile our bathrooms, oh how I wish!), is to update our textiles. We look too flat surface textiles, in Moroccan-inspired colours to really invoke a Moorish look.

Moroccan Furniture

Moroccan furniture utilizes traditional craftsmanship to produce carvings and inlay in floral paisley or geometric shapes. The surfaces are coloured or natural. Some of the best Moroccan furniture is the timber occasional tables, beaten metal tea tables, plump cushiony sofas, cabinets painted with intricate floral patterns, and cupboards.


Moroccan Lighting

The Moroccan style of lighting conjures images that unmatched. They feature coastal or desert setting suns casting golden rays across a village, electric light forming a romantic atmosphere across a room, or daylight sneaking into a dark room through an elegant window shutter.  You can achieve this by using pendant lamps, lanterns and candles along with well-themed artwork and decoration items.

 The Moroccan trend in homewares is an exciting style which is becoming popular in many homes globally. It is something that is worth a try and brings a new sophisticated feel and looks in your home.

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