LUXE LOVER gotland sheep skin rug LIGHT GREY

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This Amazing Hides of Excellence rare Scandinavian Gotland sheepskin rug in light tones.

Gotland is the most coveted of all sheepskins for their signature ringlet curls, luxurious weight, and rich colours which never lose their silky texture or lustrous hue. A double layer of dense soft undercoat and curly silken cover of silvery fur makes this natural sheepskin rug a true rarity.

The approximate size of the Gotland sheepskin hide is 90cm x 80cm

The ultimate luxurious covering, this Gotland sheepskin rug will infuse your interior with timeless glamour, effortlessly transitioning from contemporary to classic rooms. For exquisite comfort, they make an ideal accent throw to place on your favourite chair, daybed or bench. They are also suitable for low-traffic spaces such as next to your bed or under your desk to sink your toes into the silky curls.

Our Scandinavian Gotland sheepskin rug is a natural, ethically sourced by-product, so the unique variations in its silver colouring and texture are part of the inherent beauty of the piece. No two sheepskins are exactly the same. The back of the hide is smooth and flexible, with subtle nuances that reflects the uniqueness of the Gotland sheep itself. Your space is as unique as you are, and your Gotland sheepskin, being a true one-of-a-kind, should be no different.

We also follow the strict EU standards, and only environmentally friendly substances are applied during the tanning process of all of our products, so they are odour-free, and are safe for you, a baby, pet, or anyone else precious in your life.

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